When our pilots are not flying in tandems, they immensely enjoy

the fantastic views of the mountains below and in front of them.





Winter seasons in Slovenia are usually cold and snowy, thus the opportunities to fly are rare. However,  this time of the year is ideal for a small escape to warm places. Since I am “addicted” to paragliding and free flying, the decision to go to Nepal seemed perfect. After a sunny summer, I went to Bir Billing, India, to restore my solo cross-country flying batteries.

A month of adventures in the Indian Himalayas passed super fast, which meant Nepal is next. I stayed in Pokhara, a town below the Earth’s biggest roofs, the Annapurna Range, from December until April, flying tandems, cross country and training acrobatics.

Time flew by quickly, however it was full of new experiences and unforgettable adventures. After five months of flying abroad, it was time to return home and prepare for a new season in Bohinj.

WINTER 2016/2017

After summer season in Slovenia, tandem flights are scheduled in Nepal.

Cross country flying and other adventures come hand in hand.

- Ambrož





Since we are busy during the summer flying tandems, there is not much time for long cross-country flying. Matic and I decided that we want to go somewhere, where we can fly and explore new areas. After brainstorming, India came to mind and our mini project started. We both knew India is popular for cross-country flying, but we wanted something different, so we decided to try crossing the Indian Himalayas from the border with Pakistan all the way south to the foothills of the Himalayas. Everything went well until I experienced altitude sickness that prevented us from fulfilling our plan.

We decided that I have to go to a lower altitude and wait for Matic, while he will try to start alone. Due to constant weather change and unstable weather forecast, he decided not to push it and joined me. Meanwhile, I was waiting for him midway of our set course. From there we did few flights into the big mountains and then proceeded towards India’s most popular place for long cross-country flights, Bir Billing. Our decision was not to stay at the same place and fly the same routes, but to explore the territory a bit more. The adventure we had was amazing, even though we didn’t accomplish our initial plan.


Matic and Ambrož headed out to India to fly over local amazing mountains.

Not all went as planned. Still, they returned happy!

- Matic & Ambrož




After I started flying, I was totally impressed by acrobatics. Of course, it looked way easier than it really was, not to mention the safety issues. Since my goal was to become a better pilot, I signed for a SIV course (safety course), where flying under the supervision of an instructor and simulating manoeuvres helps pilots to improve their skills. After I have finished the course, I couldn’t just go on flying the way I did before, so I decided to get my own basic acrobatic equipment and start training. My goal was to improve my basic knowledge about safety to become better pilot. After a few seasons, I discovered acrobatic is more than just learning to fly safely.

It is an amazing feeling of an adrenaline rush and freedom. From that point on, I was addicted to acrobatics, which meant I had to train and improve my skills to be able to do more difficult manoeuvres. During the season, there is little time for long cross-country flying, because it takes up a whole day, but doing acrobatic is just perfect for in between the tandems.

Sometimes, when we don’t have any customers or someone has just cancelled a tandem flight, we take the acrobatic gear and go for a quick dose of adrenaline.  

SINCE 2015

Our pilot Ambrož speaks about his beginnings in aerobatic flying.

Learn about his experience and watch him do the tricks!

- Ambrož