A launch site is every spot on the hill

from which we are able to start our gliders and fly away.

Tandem pargliding launching site in Bohinj, Slovenia

We are located in Bohinj, Slovenia. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary views from the air!


Depending on the wind conditions and time of the day we can choose from two different locations in our surroundings, Vogel and Vogar.

Read the descriptions, pick your favourite and book it - all on the same page!




Starting in the valley, either at the landing site or at the hostel, we take the cable car to the ski slopes. A three minute hike and a short chairlift later, we arrive at 1674 m above sea level. An amazing view of the surrounding Alps greets us at the launch site, accompanied by a gentle east breeze.

Three, two, one – let’s go! As we achieve more elevation in the air, the magnificent view of Lake Bohinj appears. 1200 m difference in altitude and 30 minutes later, we find ourselves next to the lake on the landing site ready for a swim in the summer or for a hot cup of tea on colder days. Amazed? Don’t be yet, join us first!

higher panorama flight

1200 m difference in altitude

cable car and chairlift ride

spectacular views of Triglav and the Bohinj Valley

EUR 165





Starting at the landing site, we drive together in our shuttle van to the launch site. Using an old shepherd’s path, we first drive towards Planina Blato and then redirect to Vogar. From a small parking lot, where we leave our driver behind, we head out to the launch site. A 15 minute hike –and voilà! The best known view of the lake from the social media: green grass and a bench facing the eastern part of the lake.

Ready? Ready! As soon as we take off, we can spot the other end of the lake in Ukanc. During the late evening flights, the sunset greets us there and we can wave the day goodbye in the classiest way! And the ones, who cannot fall asleep without an adrenaline rush, just ask the pilot to spin you around for a bit.

local panoramic flight

500 m difference in altitude

great for days with south wind

amazing view of the entire

Bohinj Valley

EUR 110